Fisher & Paykel

F&P ThermoSmart AirSpiral Heated Breathing Tube SleepStyle

Fisher and Paykel released their SleepStyle CPAP device to critical acclaim, making many improvements over the older ICON device. This newly designed heated tubing is no exception.

$89.00 NZD

SKU: 900SPS120

Categories: CPAP Accessories, Hoses & Tubing

The ThermoSmart AirSpiral Heated Breathing Tube includes such features as:

  • AirSpiral technology: an insulated spiral runs the length of the tube resulting in minimal condensation issues
  • ThermoSmart technology: temperatures are balanced for ideal comfort
  • A lightweight design to reduce tugging on mask
  • Hard plastic connector ends allowing for a consistently firm fit with your mask
  • Standard 1.8m length