Why WatchPAT®?

WatchPAT® is an innovative diagnostic tool designed for the quick and thorough diagnosis of sleep apnoea, offering a convenient and user-friendly alternative to traditional sleep study methods. This device, which is worn like a watch, measures various physiological parameters during sleep, including peripheral arterial tone, heart rate, and oxygen saturation levels, to accurately assess the presence and severity of sleep apnoea.

What sets WatchPAT® apart is its ability to provide patients with a comfortable and hassle-free diagnostic experience without the need for an overnight stay in a sleep lab. The data collected by the device is meticulously analysed and scored, ensuring that patients receive a precise diagnosis and appropriate recommendations for managing their condition. This technology represents a significant advancement in sleep medicine, providing both patients and healthcare providers with a reliable, efficient, and accessible tool for identifying and addressing sleep apnoea.

WatchPAT® diagnostic Sleep Study Packages

One Night
Sleep Physiologist Score Diagnostic Sleep Study


Precise Data Diagnostics
Sleep Physiologist Scoring

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Book Your Sleep Study

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